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Recording in a "Region" ends up split and distorted

edited February 2012 in Support
Hi, I'm a new user and have made several test recordings (visual only, no sound as yet). when I record using "full screen" everything comes out fine, but when I select to record just in a "region", everything works, but the final .avi movie is somehow split in two, visually distorted. Oddly, often when I convert this into .swf (or also into mpeg using another movie converter software) it usually looks fine again.... but gets distorted again after converting back into .avi -- there is NO PROBLEM when recording "full screen" , ... only on the "region" or "fixed region" setting do I get this problem. Any suggestions? (I am on Windows version 5.1 with service pack 3 -- I don't know if that makes a difference, ... and not able to upgrade to other windows as this is the school's computer) -- Jeffrey


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