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Problem with mci and mp3 encoder

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Hi Everybody

When i choose to record my microphone with the mp3 encoder without selecting "use mci recording", the audio of my avi file is encoded with the right mp3 encoder but the sound is very bad.
If i encode with the mp3 encoder but selecting "use mci recording", the audio is encoded with pcm encoder, this make my Avi very heavy, but the sound is good.....

How can i encode with mp3 lame using mci option ????????
i search everywhere in the web and found nothing, remove and replace ACM mp3 layer, nothing change.
for the mci, here is the result of an mci tester :

Results for MP3 Format Check:

MCI Extension: MPEGVideo
Mediaplayer Extension Type: MPEGVideo
MCI 32-bit Driver: mciqtz32.dll

so...i don't understand. i use camstudio 2.0 on a hp pavillion dv7-1203ef, the audio system is IDT High Definition Audio CODEC, the o.s is windows vista. Thanks for your help.


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    The sound will be excellent when using MCI as that is the native 16-bit, 44.1 MHz format (PCM).

    I recommend against using the mp3 format while recording your master, as it causes the sync to drift for some reason. This drift is bad enough to be noticeable after just a few minutes.

    Live with the large audio component initially, then try some of the various converters to go to mp3 (or ac3) as a post-production measure. OR - I let YouTube do the number crunching, then download its MP4 version, which usually is transcoded very well and never has audio/video sync drift.

    I don't know why the sound would be bad unless you had tried to reduce the bit-rate or the sampling frequency quite drastically. But, like I say above, it is not worth troubling with, since the sync gets tromped upon so badly.

    Did you see the articles on sync?


    CFE PBR choices for good sync

    125 8
    100 10
    50 20
    40 25
    25 40
    20 50

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    I think i found a good choice in fact to have a good sound, i use mp3 lame without mci option but i reduce the recording attributes : i use 22 Khz instead of using 44 khz, it is enough for the micro. for the video i use Xvid MPEG-4 Codec, CFE = 40ms, PR = 25 frame/s, set key frame = 25 frames.
    Do i use Interleave video and audio ? i don't understand very much this option and wich setting i have to apply

  • I never understood that interleave option either, and usually leave it unchecked, though I really should test it and look into it more thoroughly. But your CFE and PR settings are perfect. Key frame settings can be enlarged if file size becomes a problem.

    I am surprised to see that merely switching to 22khz solved your sync issues with MP3 - I'll have to give that a try!

    For another audio compression format the MSADPCM and - at least for mono - GSM 6.10 both hold sync extremely well.

  • in an other way, is it possible to make an .flv or an .wmv file directly with camstudio without making an avi file and transform with a software like SUPER (http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html) ?
  • I've always been able to bring my camstudio videos directly into Windows Movie Maker (including the Win7 "Live" version).

    I have had success with Any Video Converter and the MediaCoder FLV edition for making FLV (and MP4) conversions. In MediaCoder for MP4, make certain you do not use the "Baseline" profile or the video won't work in WMP. (under "Options")

    See this article:


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