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Recorded with projector connected - result was wavy and colors flashing. Repair possible?

edited February 2012 in Support
Hello all. I'm a big fan of CamStudio, but a recent 30 minute recording I made while a projector was connected to my laptop resulted in the video being cut-off and the colors constantly changing. To clarify:

Cut-off: The video is cut horizontally at about 75%, with the bottom 25% being shown at the top of the screen. It also seems to be cut off vertically, panning left to right.

Colors changing: All the colors in the video are constantly rotating.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/kONXH.png

The video footage is all there - it's just unwatchable. Has anyone ever seen this problem? Is there a way to repair it?


  • Hi timwis

    Never experienced this issue before - can you do a successful test recording using the same settings but without the projector connected?


    Nick :)
  • It likely has to do with the refresh rate and resolution that the projector forced the computer into. I've seen projectors force some PRETTY WEIRD refresh rates! Likely, this couldn't be parsed into something CamStudio could latch onto. (Well, obviously, actually!)

    See if you can change the settings on the projector to something else.

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