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Can you use 2 webcams with Camstudio

edited March 2012 in Support
I'm doing mobile user testing and I need to have a camera on their hands to record interaction and a second camera on their face to record expression. Is this possible with Camstudio and to have pic in pic?
Later versions of Morae you can do this but we don't have it and I don't want to use AMcap as the file sizes are huge.


  • I don't seem to be getting any response - could really do with an answer on this if possible. :-S
  • http://camstudio.org/forum/discussion/comment/3962#Comment_3962

    A cool little utility mentioned in the above post may allow more than one webcam to be plugged in, with separate instances of that program running each one.

    You'd be accomplishing pic-in-picX2 by having two webcam monitor screens on your display window, and those would be recorded by CamStudio along with everything else.

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