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Cannot record audio

edited March 2012 in Support
Hi Guys,
I'm trying to record audio with a build-in microphone on my headphones, but the recording comes out without the audio. I tryied to record audio from the regular stereo mixer but that didn'w work as well.
I tryied to change the Camstudio audio setting, but with no success.
Any hekp, please?


  • First, make absolutely certain that the "Record Audio From Microphone" item is checked under Options. Then make sure you have the settings in "Audio Options / Audio Options for Microphone" setup to see your soundcard.
  • On XP you can click the drop-down to select among devices, and the volume button to set the level.
  • On Vista and Win7 you set it from the audio control panel in Windows by selecting the default recording input device.
  • Hi Terry,
    I already made sure that the audio input are on the mic, but stiil it doesn't work...
  • edited March 2012
    Which operating system?

    A video tour of your settings would be cool - I wouldn't even mind if you did it using http://screenr.com :-)

    But something simple is amiss here - maybe I'll spot it as you lead me through a settings tour. Show the audio settings in CamStudio as well as your system playback and recording settings if you can.

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