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I have two .wav files but no video file. What happened?

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Before I begin I should point out that this is the first time I have attempted to use this sort of software. I tried to record a stream off the internet for about a couple of hours. When I finished recording some sort of error message came up saying something about the audio but I don't remember exactly what it was. Anyway, when I looked in Windows temp (having been unfamiliar with the product I hadn't told it to save elsewhere), I found two .WAV files, one larger than the other, but no .AVI file. Is it possible that I'm not looking in the right place? Or has the screen recording software turned into a sound recording software? Can someone help, because I could really do with that stream? Thanks in advance, hopefully!


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    A couple of hours is not possible unless you use a very efficient codec like Xvid. Most codecs will push the filesize over the 2GB size limit (imposed by the AVI-1 specification) very quickly.

    The files you have left are incomplete. If you can find the AVI, PERHAPS VirtualDub can rescue it (load it with the checkbox in the lower-left of the open dialog checked to use the additional options). Rebuild the thing - but don't hold your breath. This very seldom works.

  • Thanks for the reply Terry. I hadn't been hoping for the best! Where would the incomplete AVI file have been moved to, because it's not in any obvious place CamStudio might save it to, and it's not in the recycle bin?
  • The program likely abandoned trying to work with it, and it got "disappeared" somehow. I have no idea why or how. But, like I say, do some experiments to be able to predict your maximums, and you can get very long recording times out of Xvid.

    Fast FPS captures also!

  • Thanks for the help Terry!
  • The second WAV file -- the bigger one -- is most likely the video file. At least once I was able to save a capture that wasn't too much bigger than the 2 GB avi file limit by renaming that big WAV file extension to AVI and then using VirtualDub on the renamed file to try to rescue it. The file size you probably have would almost assure that VirtualDub rescue wouldn't work, even if the file were renamed. But my guess is that there isn't an AVI file elsewhere -- just the bigger WAV file that should have been the AVI file.
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