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saved video stretches about 10% horizontally (in some - but not all applications)

edited March 2012 in Support
When I save video (clips created in CamStudio beta) as a movie in WMM - I get a WMV file that plays in proper proportion in Windows Media Player. The clips that make up the video were recorded in fixed region at 3:4 in CamStudio. - and they play back correctly in 3:4 ratio in Windows Media Player.

BUT - when I import the video into Website Tonight (GoDaddy's) website builder - the image displays about 10% too wide (vs. height). GoDaddy Tech suggested I save in another format.
So I converted the .wmv to .avi and also to .MP4. When I play these on my desktop in Windows Media Player they stretch about 10% too wide also --- so it doesn't seem to be a Website Tonight issue.

What is causing the video to stretch horizontally - and what (if anything can I do to correct it?)


  • Are you sure you edited exported the video from WMM in 4:3, and not in 16:9 (widescreen)? That's what it sounds like to me (having done that very thing...)

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