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Split Screen & Color Distortion Problem (with video)

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Hi, I am having a problem where my AVI file is split screen and color distortion. The EXACT thing that is happening to this person is happening to me.

Any tips would be so great.


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    Any any recording I let go for a bit now says "windows media player could not play file" but if i record fast and push play everything works well..

    Using Windows 7 and two screens.
  • If i use zoo player 2 for playback it works normally for a decent period. However if I record for awhile the recording plays back just a black screen.
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    What codec are you using, out of curiosity? Is this from the Microsoft Video 1 codec? (that's the default if you don't choose a different one...)

    I've posted at the TechTowers channel as well. This is odd and it's upsetting to see it suddenly begin to occur when formerly CamStudio was working fine. So, let's try to get to the bottom of it, shall we? It is the first time I've seen it, and suddenly here it is popping up for both of you!

    Also, how long is "a while" and what is your file size of the finished product? It is particularly odd to have it working in the same recording and then poop out down the way like that.

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