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graphics Distortion

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My graphics seems to be distorted during play back with Divx


  • Distorted graphics during playback
  • clarky2006,

    I think something about Divx has been fighting with CamStudio for over a year now. Try Xvid instead and see if the situation improves.

  • ok, i ll download xvid now to see if it makes any difference..i seem to get a split screen as well...
  • clarky2006,

    In Xvid, often the "Encoding Status Window" is set to show by default. It is a pain!

    Turn it off by clicking the button at the bottom of the configuration window that says "More Options" and un-check the box that says, "Display encoding status window".

    I use Jawor's Xvid, so he includes a 720HD profile that works great for me.

    I set it to quality of 1 and still get 2-3 hours of recording time out of it for webinars using MCI to record set in the audio/audio options for microphone settings (using Stereo Mix as the source, of course.)

    Let me know how it goes!

  • How do I upload a video on here i ve tried but not being able to do so..Just started a computer course at Bolton University and hope to be able to contribute in the future to make camstudio better. keep up the good work mate..

  • You can create an account on YouTube and upload your videos to there for free
  • edited April 2012
    then simply paste the link to the video into the comment box and it will appear as a video.

  • cant get the Xvid going man..still trying to get it working..let u know...........
  • clarky2006,

    The biggest issue I encountered with Xvid was getting the dimensions to be even numbers (width and height). In 2.6b r294 I can use the "Select" button in Fixed Region to get my dimensions, then fix them to be even and it works, but using Sizer to set a window I have to set it to one pixel smaller in both directions for the "Window" region to work. In the new 2.6c, the opposite is true!!! That fix always breaks the other fix, so I wasn't all that surprised (2.5b did the same thing...)

    Also, I had to click the Xvid button at the bottom of the configuration area that says "More Options" and uncheck "Display Encoding Window" to get rid of that darn thing.

    I use the "720HD" profile almost exclusively, but use "Home" every so often when doing odd smaller-dimensioned videos.

    Let me know what is happening and what you see when it isn't working.

  • terry managed to upload the screen shot on you tube as u said..here is the message i get during playback..cheers
  • I have no idea what a subtitle error could be caused by. Hopefully someone else will see this who perhaps knows what this is.

    Does it play alright in Windows Media Player or others?

    Also, I have some videos that I have to pass through Any Video Converter to get them to work with all media players. Give that a try.


    Convert to MPEG-4 custom with as high a bit-rate as you'd like (watch file sizes grow at higher bit rates, though!) There is no 2-GB limitation on these file sizes, however.

  • Cheers 4 the link terry. jus downloaded it..

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