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Hook.dll and Mozilla

edited April 2012 in Announcements
Mozilla is actively blocking hook.dll because some other poorly written program uses that name for its dll. CamStudio should name it something else. Also, it should attempt to load it once and not repeatedly.


  • Where are you finding this program library? We only provide zip files for download, and for security, please only use our SourceForge download location (or are you obtaining source files?)

  • I can't track down where I got the installer that had the hook.dll but the installer filename was camstudio20.exe and there are a lot of sites with that filename out there. However, you do provide an executable installer on your main page. It points to sourceforge, but is not a zip as you say. This is the link http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/files/stable/CamStudio_Setup_v2.6b_r294_(build_24Oct2010).exe/download?accel_key=54%3A1335047784%3Ahttp%253A//camstudio.org/%3A624bec44%24a02442ce5e16193112d7adcfa8525a19f1f0b2c3&click_id=6cea9d8a-8c02-11e1-8710-001d0968d1a5&source=accel as it appeared on http://camstudio.org/ when I checked just now.
  • Yes, you are correct - my memory failed me concerning that EXE. But - yes, those are the files to use.

    The 2.0 version is in the legacy folder at SourceForge. It all extracts into its own folder and is supposed to be self-sufficient. However, Vista and Windows 7 made some problems for some folks there, and the installation of the Microsoft C++ 2008 runtime libraries is still needed in some instances.


    That file is totally required by 2.6b.

    IF you look in the "Next" folder, there is a new version 2.6c that needs 7-Zip to un-zip and will require the newer MS C++ runtime libraries from 2010


    Here's that link to our downloads area again:


    I'd suggest also getting Jawor's Xvid so you have an excellent codec on hand, and Any Video Converter to convert to MPEG4-Custom so these videos will play in any media player.


    In Xvid's config, you may have to click on the "More Options" button at the bottom and un-check "Display Encoding Window" to get rid of that thing. I use quality-1 and either the 720HD or Home profile. That's all the setup it needs, apart from ensuring width and height are both set to even-numbered dimensions.

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