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Cam won't save videos over 2 minutes?

edited April 2012 in Support
Hi Guys
I am trying to use camstudio but having a terrible time trying to get it to work! Been on this for 2 days off and on.
One of the problems I have, is a record for 1 -2 minute everything is fine.. but any longer when I try and save, I am getting this error up.
File creation error. Unable to rename/copy audio file.

I have the limited timing on off?

Any help would be deeply appreciated



  • keeper1,

    That is very odd. What codec and other settings are you using?

    I recommend settings in the videos you can find at YouTube and in my articles at http://screencasttutorial.org - do check into those also!

    I check in every couple of days here. You can also contact me direct via YouTube and my website.

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