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Failed to rename/copy audio file.

edited May 2012 in Support
I found a video on youtube of how to record audio from speakers on windows XP. I followed it and from that moment I should have been able to record audio too but sometimes the error "failed to rename/copy audio file " appears.
Can you tell me how to fix that?
I am tired of errors.


  • I really need help.
  • I have no problem recording from the speakers on my old XP computer, but my XP version is very old and allows one to do that. On the vast majority of XP machines, the speakers are “outside the loop” so to speak and you’ll need to record sound from the microphone with stereo mix or “what u hear” enabled, otherwise you’ll get the error message which you mentioned. BTW I’m assuming you’re NOT using a laptop, in which case you’re pretty much out of luck.
  • I did everything necessary to record audio but immediately after I stop recording and name the file the error appears. In the error there is the "File creation error" as well. How can I fix this?
    I am very disspaointed. I think I got all the errors possible.
  • Here is the video I made a couple years ago on using Stereo Mix in Windows XP.

    bmoreken is right - "Record from Speakers" hasn't worked since XP Service Pack 3, I believe.

    Also see the other response I made concerning the file error.


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