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2012 CamStudio 2.0 AND 2.6 b+c Tech Webinar - Win7 - Xvid - Audio - Video Settings - Etc!



  • eclat,

    If you are using the "Record from Speakers" setting somehow, that could be a problem.
  • That is a totally different manner of getting sound from the MCI system and other options available via the "Record from Microphone" selection
  • (which includes using Stereo Mix, the preferred method of deriving sound from your system over the other method). I'm surprised that you had any luck at all with "Record from Speakers" as most systems broke that so it doesn't work at all for several years now.
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    Yes, I have been using Record from Speakers all the time ever since I installed CamStudio. This cut out all the surrounding noise from being recorded. I have not had any problem using this recording method apart from the recent sync problem. (Just for info, when I use the AutoTest in the setting, the pop up said it does not work. But it does !) I do, however make all the adjustment in the audio setting in the Record from Mic - and I know in some way it does affect the final result, even though the recording is from the Speakers.

    Even when I record from Microphone as stated in my last post, the sync problem is still there.

    There is no Stero Mix option that I can see. I am using CanStudio v2.0 all thsi while.
  • eclat,

    Ahh - well, if you do not have a Stereo Mix option, you are doing the best you can then!

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    Hi, great video Terry, got me understanding more of CamStudio.

    Two things I would like to ask:
    1) I have install the XVid Codec but I cannot view it in the video options (much like the Lossless Codec issue), how can I fix this? Am I missing something?

    2) You said in your video to record audio with the microphone but this does not allow recording what comes out of the speaker so I am recoridng, say an interview, the sound coming out of the speaker through Skype won't be picked up.
    Is there a way to work around that? I tried record with speaker and it was working though the sound wasn't so great. Any Ideas?

    EDIT: after trying many times again it seems that on speaker the sound is very faint and I also got this error when clicking on it: WaveoutGetSelectControl() failed.


  • EDIT2: after several hours of struggle I finally was able to activate stereo mix (if you are looking for that instead of bashing your head against the wall with drivers and what not, try this first, you will save time:http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/39532/how-to-enable-stereo-mix-in-windows-7-to-record-audio/)
    But now I only get the sound from the speaker and nothing from the microphone, is there no way to get both ?
  • If you have your default source set to Stereo Mix, you can then "Listen" to the microphone input, sending it to the Speakers. You need to have something plugged into the speakers for this to work, as Stereo Mix gets its signal from the speaker mix section. See the video on that in my playlist at my channel.

    If Xvid is not appearing, you may have installed the 64-bit version. CamStudio requires the 32-bit version (or the combo 32 + 64 bit version if using Jawor's Xvid)

    Let me know how it goes - and thanks for the link to howtogeek.com!

  • Well in the end Terry I did not used it, I sacrificed the video and went to use a plugin for Skype that listens to your conversation. As the video was an extra, this worked fine!!

    Thanks again for all the help you provided!

  • That's cool... which plugin did you use, out of curiosity?

    Glad it worked out!

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