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Saving a recording that requires UserName and Password to Access

edited May 2012 in Announcements
My understanding is that in Australia & UK it is legal to copy a Training video or audio for my own personal use so long as I have no intention to duplicate it for resale. I tried to record an audio that requires my UserName and Password to Access the Training Site. A form popped up requesting my UserName and Password so I filled it out (again) but I was unable to copy it. Can anyone help?


  • Using the program would not have triggered any login that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. But, I’m curious why you’re using Cam to record an audio file? If the file is not downloadable, you’re going to need to record your system sound, so why not use an audio recorder like Audacity, which produces a very playable MP3 file that requires no further conversion. As with this program, Audacity needs to “hear” your computer’s sound, so you’d need to have stereo mix or “what u hear” enabled.
  • Christine,

    What he said! :-)


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