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Can't delete hide file in Camstudio

edited June 2012 in Announcements
With big problem when i use Camstudio, after recoded, i can't open file video and then when i check in C:\ is lost many space. I removed Camstudio, but space not back to old. really confused. Please help me delete hide file in Camstudio. Thanks


  • Con đĩ mẹ tụi mày, làm cái tool như con cặc, địt mẹ tau ỉa vào chúng mày, chết đi bọn Cám Sờ Ti đi chó
  • Con chó đẻ
  • Mặt lồn
  • Tau đập chết mẹ bọn Cam này, bọn con bò :D :-))
  • There are no hidden files that CamStudio creates, though there are temp files. Get rid of those in the location CamStudio used for those (usually Windows Temp in the Users/Name/Local Settings folder or Documents and Settings/Local Settings/Temp folder OR in the CamStudio folder in Program Files unless you changed it to somewhere else.)

    Let me know if you still cannot find them.
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