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Changing SWF Skin

edited February 2008 in Support
Hi All,

When I convert my video to SWF I want to have a progress bar so that the user can move forward and back thoughout the presentation. Currently, I am only seeing stop, play and pause buttons.

Is there a way that I can add a progress bar or some other way of moving forwards or backwards through the video (i.e. fast forward buttons)?

Any suggestions appreciated



  • You would need to use Flash to make those buttons. I don't use Flash, but you can find it here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/
  • Thanks Ghosty,

    I do have Flash 8 and tried to use the function in camstudio to create a RAW file for editing in Flash8. However, when I tried to import the file into Flash, you cannot import swf files and that is what was created.

    Does any one know how I do this?
  • I believe the best option is to use FLV. Checkout the topic bellow :
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