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Good codec/settings for Let's Play-ing?

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Hi. I would like to start a Let's Play, with "would like" being the operative word. After three instances where the video bugged out on me and two re-installs, I think I have everything working the way it should now. All of this, though, has completely destroyed my appetite for messing around with codecs and settings and such. Does anyone know of a good codec for recording 20-40 minute videos in a small enough size for Youtube, yet with good quality?


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    Jawor's Xvid using his HD720 profile, with the Xvid quality slider all the way to the left (at 1) or perhaps up to 4. Be certain to click the "Other Options" button at the bottom of the configuration dialog and un-check the "Display Encoder Status Window" check box.


    Use these settings: Set Key Frames Every: 30 to 200; Capture Frame Every: 40ms; Playback Rate:25fps. Those should work. Use MCI for recording in the "Audio Settings for Microphone" and set it up to use Stereo Mix.

    See videos at for more information.

  • I've been using the CamStudio Lossless Codec 1.4 and converting my Let's Plays to FLV (with Any Video Converter) before uploading; however, I mostly do Let's Plays of DOSBox games without a whole lot of animation. (I'm currently doing a Let's Play of King of Dragon Pass - a Windows game, but with no animation at all - and getting AVI file sizes of just under 1.5GB for 25 min. episodes recording a fixed 600x500 region; these file sizes shrink considerably after conversion to FLV, of course.) If you're doing Let's Plays of newer games with more animation, though, try whatever TerryBritton recommends first - he's the expert on this. (And watch his tutorial videos on YouTube, also; I've found them to be very helpful!)
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