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Stay on Top - how?

edited May 2012 in Support
I really like CamStudio, and plan to contribute, with just one exception ..

Why is there not a "stay on top" option? Much like VLC player and other popular recording tools, the omission of this option (from Options or View Menu) seems like a huge one. I record a lot of webcasts and require the application to constantly on top of all other apps - ready for me to start recording with very little notice.

I hope someone will tell me I've missed something - but I can't find the feature, nor any discussion about it.

Your thoughts?


  • juzzle,

    You can start up CamStudio 2.6 and minimize it, and it will be relegated to the tray icons in the bottom right of your taskbar, and you may start, pause and stop recordings by right-clicking on that icon. I hope that helps you for the time being.

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