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So I made the video and saved it, but where is it?

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I'm running a Vista computer (I want 7 so badly), and when I record something with Camstudio, it's fine. That is, until I want to use it OUTSIDE of Camstudio, for example, Movie Maker.

You see, I record the video just fine. I can record the audio, too. Then, when I'm done, it asks me to name the file, so I do. Then it saves and compresses the audio and all that, then it opens up the Player. Just like it should, right?

But when I go to the Camstudio folder, the video's not there! NONE of the videos I record are! Is this a common problem with Vista?


  • I had a little play with Camstudio this morning, both "standard" 2.0, then the 2.5 beta.
    However, I noticed my free space was way lower. I looked at all the temp and save folders, they were all empty. After a long while, I used DirectorySize to see where the stuff was. There was over 12gb in one folder. But when I looked, just a few text and ini files. I checked all the options in folder options. I opened a command window and did a dir /A then all the options in turn. Nothing would have escaped, and yet nothing was shown. I opened "search" and searched on *.avi. Nothing found.
    I then did a full disk check. No errors found.
    And yet, when I reloaded Camstudio and browsed using it's open "open file" window, they they were - 12Gb of avi files, some 1gb, some 4gb. So, I COULD delete them, but this indicates some serious problem somewhere. I'm using the offical 32 bit RC1 from 2 weeks ago, all updates installed, it's a new PC, all correct drivers, BIOS - everything I can think of is accounted for. So why can't I see these files, and what else might be hiding away using space?

    I can't quite get my head around it, but it sounds like same problem you're having. Open Camstudio's browser window and there they are!
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    This made me scratch my head as well (I have Vista SP1 now) until another CamStudio user figured it out ...

    I'm assuming you have Options > Program Options > Name of AVI file set you "Automatic file naming" ??

    Switch it to "Ask For File name" and record a quick test video.

    It seems as though files created with apps that run in XP Compatibility Mode are actually saved elsewhere, even though the file browser says they're in the correct folder.

    Open up C:\Program Files\CamStudio - underneath the File, Edit, Tools, etc. you should see a Organize, Views, etc.

    Is there a button called Compatibility Files with a folder icon?

    If there is, you can click that and access your recorded videos.

    On my machine the videos are stored here:

    C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\CamStudio

    Interestingly, you'll also see the config INI files there as well, so if you even want to "reset" CamStudio back to the factory defaults, rename those files.



    Nick :o)
  • When you use an application for which virtualization is enabled, you create data files in virtualizable locations of the file system. When you use another application or Windows Explorer to access these newly created files, you cannot find them. For example, if you save a file in a photo editing application in the %programfiles%, %systemroot%, %systemdrive%, or %programdata% folders, you cannot locate this file.

    Files that are saved by an application in the %programfiles% folder may be directed to a folder other than the user's virtual store folder.

    File and registry virtualization helps users who have restricted access to the registry and to the file system write to these protected areas. Virtualization creates a "per user" copy and then redirects successive data operations. For example, assume that an application is running under a Limited User Account or under accounts that require User Account Control permissions. When this application writes to a system location, such as to the %programfiles% folder, Windows Vista and Windows 7 redirect write operations and read operations to a user-specific location in the user’s profile folder (%localappdata%\VirtualStore). By default, this location is C:\Users\User_name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Application_name. Registry virtualization works similarly but applies to registry keys under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE subtree. The keys and data under this subtree are redirected to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\VirtualStore subkey.
  • I myself am using vista and discovered that my videos were going into my c:\windows\temp folder, there is an option under camstudio options\program option\directory for recording, from there you can choose where to save your videos.
  • Actually, to be clearer, that is where to save your temp files, and if you select automatic file naming, that is also where the videos will be saved with the time stamp for the name.

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