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How can I make longer vids

edited August 2012 in Common Tips & Tricks
Hey Im wondering if anybody knows why CamStudio keeps saying that file saved corrupted. And then when I go to the file it won't let me view it. If anybody has any suggestions that would help out a lot. :)


  • You have a 2 gigabyte file size limitation that is imposed by CamStudio using the AVI-1 specification. This size limit applies to the video and audio combined in the final product, so watch your audio.

    Using Jawor's Xvid with tutorial videos, I have gotten up to 3 hours and 10 minutes, even though I used full 16-bit, 44.1 kHz PCM audio. (I did use quality of 2 to achieve that, with a 1280X720 capture window.)


    I cover the settings in the recent 2012 Tech Seminar video at YouTube. Here's a link to that.

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