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Supporting the Program?

I have been using the newer version of Cam-Studio and every time I want to record Adobe Photoshop elements drawings or Corel painter essentials drawings it says there is a problem with the program and Cam-Studio or something like that. Every time I go to web help it doesn't help me, it just sends me to a web page that says the program doesn't cooperate with Cam-Studio. This gets me mad because other people made videos using Adobe Photoshop elements and Corel painter essentials with Cam-Studio and I just downloaded it about a week ago.... D:?!?!


  • I think it has to do something with the Windows Media Player and all that jazz... (not a very technical type of person) :/
  • Plus, the video starts with the end of the recording with rainbow colors and then ends up fine in the middle, but that's only if Cam-Studio recorded correctly... :-(
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    You are probably using the Microsoft Video One codec that is the default. I advise against using that one. Do take a look at the videos we have up on YouTube (listed in the sticky threads above). They answer many questions. Also, search here for the word "Xvid" and you'll see that I generally recommend everyone download and use that codec.

    Ah - videos work again - here is the one I was referring to, but there is more information in the post up top.

  • Terry,
    Thanks. Better check on that for the next time I draw and record... :)
  • M3.Lalaena,

    Please come back and ask any questions you ever may come up with - happy to help!

  • I haven't been using the camstudio, because I haven't been drawing. :( ... But I know that even though I checked out you said, it still didn't work..... It only works during short periods of time, when I don't use my Wacomb tablet, or when I don't use photoshop... ?
  • :-(( [-O<

    Please help,
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    See the 2012 Tech Webinar video at my YouTube channel - it explains many settings that stump people on occasion.

  • I use CamStudio to record Photoshop WITH a Wacom tablet - see this one, for example:

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