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CamStudio crashes before even starting

edited October 2012 in Support
I've tried installing CamStudio several times and each time, after installation, I try to open it and immediately get a Windows error saying "Unable to execute file" with error code 14001 "application configuration is incorrect".

Is this because I only have 2G of RAM and if so, why isn't there a more descriptive error?

If it's not a memory problem, what is the problem and how do I fix it?

Running Windows XP SP3.


  • Update: It looks as though you need Visual C/C++ installed in order to run CamStudio.

    If this is the answer, then CamStudio needs an urgent update either to automatically install the required files or to remove any dependency on those files.

    Thumbs down for not resolving this dependency on installation and for not mentioning it as part of the program description.

    The program itself may be good (I haven't had a chance to try it yet) but leaving such dependencies unresolved is one of the worst programming errors possible. That's the opinion of a long-time programmer (me).
  • We mention it about a thousand times here on the forum and on many of the videos I've produced, but it likely needs to be mentioned on the home page more prominently. I'll ask about that being put on there better.

    We cannot remove the dependencies, as it was written in Visual C++ using the Visual Studio suite, so there is no way around that. IF you try the 2.6c version in the "Next" folder, that will require you to install the 2010 version of the runtime libraries as well.

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