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How can I convert dvd to iphone and extract audio from it?

Hey guys, I think I need some advice.I've bought a Riverdance DVD and now I want to convert some parts of the show to my iphone so that I can watch while boring. And also I would like to extract some classic audio clips from it and convert them to mp3 format(or other format that I can play on iphone).Can you tell me the best software you've used to do that?Thanks so much.


  • Use something like Any-Video-Converter or MediaCoder - they work great!

  • You can buy it from itunes store(if there is the show you want).But I guess you don't want to, so you'll have to use a DVD ripper or DVD to iphone converter.I once used Cucusoft DVD to iPhone Converter to convert DVD to iphone mp4 format.It's a simple one, only need a few steps and the outcome is quite well I think.As for mp3, you only need to change your output format setting to mp3 format.

    If you need further instruction, the following two articles will show you how to do it:
    How to Convert DVD movie to iPhone MP4 format on PC
    How to convert DVD to iPhone MP4 video files on Mac
  • Most DVDs don’t have to be ripped. If you can move a VOB to your hard drive, it indicates that the only protection present is the fact the compilation has been authored to just barely fit on a 5GB DVD single layer media and cannot be transferred to a consumer 4.7 GB disc without ripping. In that case, one can merely use any video program to create indexed MPGs and export the audio as an MP3 or other available audio formats. Hmmm, oh what a tangled web we weave ... sometimes ...

    This assumes of course that one has all rights to make copies for personal use.

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