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File plays in CamStudio Player, but not Windows Media Player

edited December 2012 in Support
I've recorded a software demo that plays just fine in CamStudio's internal player, but produces an error in Media Player--the typical "WMP encountered a problem while playing the file." I also can't embed the AVI in a PowerPoint; it just shows a black square.

I'd convert it to Flash, but WMP still has the same problem with it in Flash format, and embedding a Flash file in PPT is a huge headache anyway. Any suggestions?


  • It may be the width and height dimensions aren't working for WMP. What did you use? There is a possibility you could convert the file with Any-Video-Converter or MediaCoder to MPEG-4 (Xvid or other) and that may fix it.

  • I used a video converter and that fixed it. Thanks.
  • Calybos,

    That is good to hear!

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