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Player-Dependent Video Quality

edited May 2013 in Support

For some odd reason, it seems that for a new AVI file
to played correctly - meaning with full color and original looks,
then when recording it with CS v2.7 I must make sure that :

1.) I record using the "Active Window" option - as the "Region" option,
for example, wouldn't allow quality output.

2.) I use the "Codec v1.5" (that came with CS v2.7).

3.) If I want to play the resulting video independently, then VLC v2.0,
for example, would play it black & white, tilted, and as if it
has been moved to the side - while Windows Media Player that
is part of Windows 7 plays it just fine, with color and all.

Does that make sense at all?
Isn't an AVI file supposed to be (correctly) playable in any
and all players that support AVI format?




  • edited June 2013
    Use fixed width and height settings - many codecs are very finicky about the width and height (and many require even-numbered widths and heights). Stay with the standard sizes and you can't go wrong:

    854X480 (some codecs prefer 856X480)
    1280X720 (best bet on most systems to produce an HD recording)
    1920X1080 (so-called 1080p "Full" HD)

    All of these work very well with YouTube and are their recommended settings.

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