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Camstudio Codec 1.5 crashes Camstudio 2.72 PlayerPlus and SWF Converter on Windows 7

edited May 2014 in Support
The Discussion Title says it all. I had to switch to the Microsoft Video 1 codec to stop the crashes. Anyone else experiencing this problem?



  • I would not recommend using any lossless codec unless you absolutely need to for archival purposes. Even then, I would use Lagarith Lossless as it is quite superior.

    Use Xvid or X.264vfw and you'll get longer recordings. BTW - PlayerPlus sucks royally. Use anything but that for video playback. It is going to either get a major update or be discarded eventually. Windows Media Player or VLC are much better players.
  • Then maybe the download link for Camstudio Codec 1.5 should be removed from your Web site altogether. If this is a known issue, then why would you continue to have it up there?
  • edited May 2014
    Mostly legacy reasons. You'll notice I push Xvid in nearly every post and video tutorial I make, but some prefer x.264vfw.

    CamStudio is going through some big changes over the next six months, so many quirks will be repaired or removed.

    This is the first I've heard of this bug in the nearly five years or so since Windows 7 came out, so I'll need to verify it.

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