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Importing Lagarith lossless Codec 1.5 avi into Adobe PremierePro CC

edited June 2014 in Support

I am new but very impressed with CamStudio so far apart from one bugbear. I am able to make some super videos in avi but cannot import them into Premiere. It says the file is damaged or unrecognised.

I am recording in the recommended settings Key frame every 100 and capture frames 40 and payback rate 25.

I thought that it may be that the dimensions of the film were the issue, so downloaded sizer and then captured on 1280x720 but this did not solve the problem.

I found a run around fix which was to use Windows Movie maker to convert to mp4 but there is a considerable loss of quality.

I make quite a few fluffs and also need to add text and other elements to my films so I need to use Adobe. I also tried with PowerDirector and had the same issue there too.

Can anyone offer a solution please?



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