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Settings for Skype-smoothest-best quality video

edited January 2015 in Common Tips & Tricks
Hello, I'm often recording dance tutorial videos with friends through skype, and I need the videos be the best quality and smoothness to make dvds, what are the best settings...? I'm using xvid mpeg4 codec, quality 100, framerates: capture every 1 milliseconds, and from what i'v heard from the camstudio tutorial: Xvid configuration 1(maximum quality), quality preset Real time, Bvops unchecked. Is it ok?what's the best framerate settings?
I'm not an expert, so any help will be gladly accepted lol,thanks so much


  • Using Capture every 1 millisecond pushes your computer pretty hard.

    I would say using Capture Frame Every at 20 and Playback Rate at 50 should get you excellent smoothness and audio sync.

    You could try CFE at 25 and PBR at 40 to save resources, or even CFE see if CFE at 40 and PBR at 25 is sufficient. Keep in mind you have only 2GB file sizes, so this setting along with your capture region size will determine how long you can go (though Xvid is excellent for extending that time!)

    You'll note I have the CFE times the PBR always summing to 1000 - that is to retain audio/video sync. Use PCM audio or check the audio box "Use MCI" which uses the regular Windows settings (which are PCM 44.1 16-bit, usually).

    All those other settings you mention are typically optimum for high-motion captures.

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