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Problem generating long video

edited May 2009 in Support
Hello everyone,

I've installed CamStudio on 2 PC's that belong to a domain. Some weeks ago I was able to record a session that lasted almost 2 hours without any problems using an administration account, on one computer.
Today, on another computer, I recorded a session that lasted 3 hours using a account without administration rights. The session seemed to be recorded (blinking cursor), but when I hit the stop button I got a message sbout some file not beeing found, and I was enable to generate the video. I've looked everywhere for a temporary file that CamStudio might use before generating the actual video, but with no luck. This is strange because I previously made a small test video to see if CamStudio was generating the videos, and the test file was generated sucesfully.
Having put this I have 3 questions:

- Is it a known issue that CamStudio has problems recording long videos?
- Is there any temporary file or something else that enables me to still generate the v


  • Hi Roberto

    To answer your questions ...

    1. Yes there is a known limit for CamStudio - 2GB is the max filesize you can have (AVI 1.0 Format) - anytime you go over that limit you run into trouble with files not being found.

    2. If you are recording directly to SWF, there is a source AVI file providing you haven't set it to be deleted after SWF generation (Options > Record to Flash Options > Delete the intermediate AVI upon completion)

    The temporarily file location is configured in (Options > Program Options > Temporary directory for recording) - you can specify your own there as well.

    3. I wouldn't have thought so - CamStudio should have just recorded that section of the screen the screensaver covered.



    Nick :o)
  • Thank you for the quick and concise response Nick.

    The problem was certainly the 2GB max filesize restriction and from now on I will be sure to take into account that issue. Unfortunelly I had the "Delete the intermediate AVI upon completion" option activated so I will deactivated hopping that it will help.

    Best regards
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