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CS2 Causes Bad Lagging and processor heatup With New Core2Quad

edited October 2009 in General Discussion
I have been using CS2, later CS2,5, to record my Powerpoint lectures full-screen in real-time, including my Smartboard notations and audio from a wireless mic. All worked pretty find on my old Pent4 2.8 machine with 1GB RAM. When I added a camera for a 'talking head' effect, the timing got all messed up and my audio track sounded like mickey mouse on playback, so I forgot the camera for the time being.

Now I have a new 2.66 Core 2 Quad setup w/4GB RAM running XP32. On the initial tryout today I ran my powerpoint presentation, all went very well. However, when I tried to record it fullscreen with CS2.0, it made my PPT presentation really lag and I was unable to make notations on the touch board. I checked the temp of my C2Q and it had risen from the normal 37 deg C to a frightening high 50's. I killed the CS2.0 and everything settled back down. Then I tried CS2.5 and got the same results. And I haven't even tried adding my video capture card yet.

I suspect I am perhaps not sampling at a correct rate or am using the wrong codec or something with the CS, causing the processor to peg out at 100% and lag and heat up. I really would like to get this working, I invested some $$ on the new sys and it should perform way better than it is.

Any suggestions out there would be appreciated. [email protected] if you wish to email directly. HELP!!!! Thanks


  • Well, I think I have it working good now, see my new post entitled WOW...
  • Joining the forum late after getting 2.6 built on Win7, I see you solved your problem but I just wanted to comment on your CPU temp concerns.

    50C is nowhere near a problem temp for modern Intel CPU's, particularly Core 2 Quads, so there was really nothing to be concerned about there. In fact with stock cooling most 2.6Ghz and higher quads will hit 50-60C under fairly routine loads, and will hit 70-80C with all 4 cores maxed out. Thermal threshold rating for these CPU's is around 95C, meaning they're certified to run stable up to that temp (although I wouldn't want too for very long). With Prime95 running 8 threads (quad core + HT on each core) at 100% CPU utilization on stock cooling, my i7 860 hit 92C on a couple of cores for a bit but never became unstable. I've since upgraded the heatsink/fan and now barely crack 60C with the same test.

    Anyway, apologies for the off-topic but just wanted to allay any concerns you might have should CamStudio or any other process push your CPU temps to the 50-60C range. Rest assured this is well within operating specs for your CPU, even for prolonged periods.
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