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Camstudio version 2.6b release 294
  • Thanks for the suggestions; I could install the r294 version.
    It is a nice programme. Congratulaion to all the members for creating such a useful prog and particularly for making it public.
  • Here's my problem...
    I don't even know how to describe it... It's just awful. I thought this screen capture is good...but no matter what I do works like crap...
    Just take a look.
    Maybe someone can help me, cause otherwise I think I'm gonna give up on this.
  • It looks as if the capture area isn't a multiple of 2 or 4, depending on the codec used. Terry will probably be along later and can give you his expert advice. It will help him if you can post what your operating system is, what codec you were using, which version of CamStudio you were using (2.0 or 2.6 including the release number).
  • romiyo,

    booklover nailed it - you must record videos with even-numbered values for both the width and the height to upload to YouTube now. When YouTube was primarily .flv, this wasn't an issue, but now that they are mp4 it is.

    The easiest way to ensure you have the region the right size it to use the "fixed region" selection and enter values that work for the size video you are trying to capture. 856X480 is good for wide-screen 480p vids, while 1280X720 is good for HD.

    You can fix this in VirtualDub using the crop command - just be certain to select a compressor again when you export the fixed version.

  • I think I haven't made myself understood...
    The recording that I uploaded on YouTube it's put there to show you how CamStudio captured my screen... As for the region, if I remember it well, it was 736x408... It was a live stream on Veetle of a baseball game I wanted to record for myself, and before engaging into recording the whole game, I made a test, and the result I uploaded on YouTube for everyone to see and help me figure it out....

    So, maybe now you see my complain. The Video Options was MPEG - 4 Video Codec 2. And when it doesn't record like in the video shown on my previous post, it records in somewhat black and white. Meaning that except for red and green, all other colors are not there.

    I could record the whole screen, but then again, I'll need a converter that will allow me to cut to a fixed region so that I'll be able to keep what really interests me, like a baseball game or something and not everything shown on my desktop.
  • romiyo,

    The other problem with recording the whole screen is that it slows down your input frame rate, sometimes to very slow speeds. The smaller a region you capture, the faster your frame rate during capture.

    Try a test using Fixed Region at 856X480 to get a standard used by YouTube. Perform an experiment and let me know how that goes. Turn on "Enable Autopan" under options to allow the region to follow your mouse cursor.

    I also recommend using the Xvid codec at this time over all others. See this post:

    Also these videos will likely be helpful:

  • I don't understand what that YouTube thing has to do with capturing what's shown on my desktop. With WM Capture is not like that at all. And the reason I wanna use CamStudio is that it doesn't require my CPU to go at 100 %...

    As I said, let's say that I wanna record a live web stream from an internet site. Like sometimes there are live streams of baseball games on Veetle. How can I set CamStudio to record audio-video in sync and with all the right colors, and a normal capture of the screen...????

    That's all I'm asking...
    As for the tutorial, it didn't helped at all. I have all the right codecs installed on my PC. I have CCCP ( Combined Community Codecs Pack ) , I have XviD, ffdshow, name it, I got it... And still, for instance, ffdshow doesn't show on my Video Options in CamStudio... Just sayin'!

    And clear this for me... why all of you are mentioning YouTube? What's YouTube got to do with recording a live web stream from any other site? I don't get it...
  • romiyo,

    I didn't read you correctly. I see that skewing from YouTube uploads once in a while. Must be something else. I've never seen this happen before.

    I don't care what codecs you already have -- they clearly aren't working for your application. Frankly, I'd uninstall them and start over with far fewer installed. But none might work for Veetle (and they may have designed Veetle that way).

    Did you try Jawor's Xvid like I mentioned? Did you try recording at the sizes I suggested in Fixed Region? Did you try setting the "capture frames every" setting and the "Playback rate" setting so that when multiplied together they summed to 1000? Did you try setting "Use MCI to record" in Audio Options for Microphone? You could try those things and tell me what your settings actually are.

    Or, do as you suggested in the beginning. CamStudio isn't everything to all people, and it may not work at all for streams being captured from Veetle.

  • Audio Options are set for Microphone.
    As for Video Options, they're just as given in the tutorial.
    Still...same issues. It doesn't matter what web site I use CamStudio to screen capture. Whether is Veetle, MLB.com, NFL Network, UStream, whatever... Even that damn YouTube piece of crap , the results are still the same. And for YouTube I use an add-on on Mozilla that allows me to download every video at every resolution.

    And the weird thing is , I don't have this problem with WM Capture. Only that WM Capture uses my CPU at max on HD resolution live web video streams like , let's say NFL Network HD ( I have a subscription at that ) and kind of pisses me off.

    I will try some of those Jawor's Xvid stuffs, and if it doesn't work again, than I'll give up on this.

    As for fixed region, I got no use for that. If on a website the stream is set at, let's say 724x408, I wanna set a region only for that size. Not 856x480 or whatever else... Cause if I set it at a fixed size that is bigger than the web stream, I'll have in the final captured video a bunch of other stuff that has no use for anyone.

    Anyway, thanks for your help. I'll give it another try and see what comes after. I'll be back!
  • @tbritton,

    You are a real miracle when it comes to get CS up and running. These mails always surprise me again and again when things do not work as suspected.
    You see here al kind of issues that never appears when you tried to test the system on your own.

  • Jan,

    Heh - that is so true! You should also see my comments at the YouTube channel where the video tutorials are. More things you absolutely could never anticipate are there. :-)

  • A bug: when I minimize camstudio after start capture, window's camstudio disappear and monitor screen blinks continuously, preventing clousure for camstudio.
    The PC is reboot e all images recorded are lost.
    My PC is a Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 with Win 7.
  • joaocarlos,

    Well, first of all, in Options|Program Options select "Hide Flashing Rectangle" - some monitors cannot use that overlay. As to "where CamStudio disappears to when you had let it minimize, it should have been sitting in the tray for you to be able to stop the recording.
  • if you enable options > audio > mic > MCI, but disable the CS option to record audio, a temp .wav file is still created

    this is on win 7
  • kamr,

    Interesting... I'll check into this. Thanks!

  • The biggest bug with this version is it doesn't recognize ffdshow tryouts codecs. I even uninstalled and reinstalled and it still didn't show up.
  • DoubleYou,

    Yes - and this distressed Nick greatly, as ffdshow tryouts was his favorite. It works fine in 2.0, but doesn't appear in 2.6b. I still say Xvid is the one to go with today (Google for Jawor's Xvid for an easy to use 720HD profile setup), but if you do not need the extra features in 2.6 for a project, revert to 2.0 and use ffdshow tryouts again.

  • When i tried to run it it made my computer start to flash colors what should i do?
  • Any news on the ffdshow support? Also, the bug that gets a 1920x1080p desktop go as a 1921x1081p encoding is also quite annoying. Some codecs (e.g. default Microsoft Video 1) seems to encode correctly, whereas otheres (e.g. Lagarith) has this issue.
  • ffdshow is back in version 2.6c (which still has some quirks - particularly in some systems needing to subtract 1 from Fixed Region settings in order to get an even numbered width and height for MPEG-4 style codecs).


    No installer - just creates a folder - but requires MS 2010 C++ runtime libraries be installed.


    It is a 7-zip file. WinZip extracts them, but maybe you'll need 7-zip on your machine:


  • Hey guys i need some help, when i record a video and save it when i open it in windows media player no video comes up how do I fix this?

  • I tried to record a 14 minute fullscreen capture, but CS failed saying something like: audio file not found...

    Now I have a "~temp-.wav" file (152 MB) containing the sound (can be played with Winamp), and a ".wav" (4,2 GB), which seems to contain the video part, but is unplayable.

    How can I combine the two? What does CS actually do, when recording stops, to combine video with audio? What is the structure of the video file? I may try to write something to do this (maybe split the resulting avi into 2 GB slices).

  • I've fixed some that went just a little over the 2GB size limit using Virtual Dub. But most of those that go over end up unrepairable. If you can find a way, I'd love to hear how you did it!


  • Nice going guys. I just downloaded the v2.6c beta, and it seems to have solved the issue with a 1920x1080p desktop being encoded as 1921x1081p. Also, like Terry mentions, ffdshow is now visible and selectable in the codec list again. Haven't found any issues at all so far. Thanks. Now I guess the only thing I'm hoping for is for the 48KHz PCM audio, whereas the limit as of now seems to be 44,1KHz/16-bit PCM. I don't think there's any workaround for this, yet.
  • I did find that the "Fixed Region" was now off by a pixel instead of the "Window" region being off in 2.6c, so subtract a pixel from that setting if you type numbers in.


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