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Camstudio version 2.6b release 294



  • Jan,

    Heh - that is so true! You should also see my comments at the YouTube channel where the video tutorials are. More things you absolutely could never anticipate are there. :-)

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    A bug: when I minimize camstudio after start capture, window's camstudio disappear and monitor screen blinks continuously, preventing clousure for camstudio.
    The PC is reboot e all images recorded are lost.
    My PC is a Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 with Win 7.
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    Well, first of all, in Options|Program Options select "Hide Flashing Rectangle" - some monitors cannot use that overlay. As to "where CamStudio disappears to when you had let it minimize, it should have been sitting in the tray for you to be able to stop the recording.
  • if you enable options > audio > mic > MCI, but disable the CS option to record audio, a temp .wav file is still created

    this is on win 7
  • kamr,

    Interesting... I'll check into this. Thanks!

  • The biggest bug with this version is it doesn't recognize ffdshow tryouts codecs. I even uninstalled and reinstalled and it still didn't show up.
  • DoubleYou,

    Yes - and this distressed Nick greatly, as ffdshow tryouts was his favorite. It works fine in 2.0, but doesn't appear in 2.6b. I still say Xvid is the one to go with today (Google for Jawor's Xvid for an easy to use 720HD profile setup), but if you do not need the extra features in 2.6 for a project, revert to 2.0 and use ffdshow tryouts again.

  • When i tried to run it it made my computer start to flash colors what should i do?
  • Any news on the ffdshow support? Also, the bug that gets a 1920x1080p desktop go as a 1921x1081p encoding is also quite annoying. Some codecs (e.g. default Microsoft Video 1) seems to encode correctly, whereas otheres (e.g. Lagarith) has this issue.
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    ffdshow is back in version 2.6c (which still has some quirks - particularly in some systems needing to subtract 1 from Fixed Region settings in order to get an even numbered width and height for MPEG-4 style codecs).


    No installer - just creates a folder - but requires MS 2010 C++ runtime libraries be installed.


    It is a 7-zip file. WinZip extracts them, but maybe you'll need 7-zip on your machine:


  • Hey guys i need some help, when i record a video and save it when i open it in windows media player no video comes up how do I fix this?

  • I tried to record a 14 minute fullscreen capture, but CS failed saying something like: audio file not found...

    Now I have a "~temp-.wav" file (152 MB) containing the sound (can be played with Winamp), and a ".wav" (4,2 GB), which seems to contain the video part, but is unplayable.

    How can I combine the two? What does CS actually do, when recording stops, to combine video with audio? What is the structure of the video file? I may try to write something to do this (maybe split the resulting avi into 2 GB slices).

  • I've fixed some that went just a little over the 2GB size limit using Virtual Dub. But most of those that go over end up unrepairable. If you can find a way, I'd love to hear how you did it!


  • Nice going guys. I just downloaded the v2.6c beta, and it seems to have solved the issue with a 1920x1080p desktop being encoded as 1921x1081p. Also, like Terry mentions, ffdshow is now visible and selectable in the codec list again. Haven't found any issues at all so far. Thanks. Now I guess the only thing I'm hoping for is for the 48KHz PCM audio, whereas the limit as of now seems to be 44,1KHz/16-bit PCM. I don't think there's any workaround for this, yet.
  • I did find that the "Fixed Region" was now off by a pixel instead of the "Window" region being off in 2.6c, so subtract a pixel from that setting if you type numbers in.

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