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Are you going to release more translations for Camstudio?
Even with English and German the translation isn't working properly.
When I select German, it is still English even after I restarted Camstudio.


  • Right now translations are broken for sure since there is even no such option is new config. Unfortunately I can't do anything with GUI even myself since I have limited MS Visual Studio. I suggest to switch to some open GUI toolkit like Gtk+ (not necessarily). It would be much easier to translate.
  • As long as much of the text you see is hard coded we cannot support translations.
  • I suggest to think about using gettext tool. It is included with GUI toolkits like GTK+. The current way of translating stuff is quite inconvenient as all text string should be moved to resource files and loaded by identifier that needs to be created. This is a lot of work to do. Instead of this, gettext allows one to convert text strings like "hello" into function call _("hello"), where macro "_()" will eventually expand to "gettext()" call to do all the working for translation.

    Unfortunately existing GUI cannot be translated the same way, I suggest to postpone any translation efforts for now, and think about moving to another toolkit... perhaps along with DirectShow as it would involve major rewrite.
  • I agree.
    Much better to get Camstudio improved first.
  • edited April 2011
    I hate translated software, so please, keep it English and working! Albeit I am Italian - but computers should always be English-only!
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