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CamStudio over LAN

edited July 2008 in General Discussion
Is it possible to install CamStudio on a PC on a LAN and capture video of displays driven by other PCs on the LAN? Actually, the 2 displays I want to capture are on 1 PC with VMWare running Windows and Linux. The Windows display is more important if I have to make a choice. I'm doing sw development with another company and it's easier to show them a movie of everything that is happening rather than put together a picture from the various log files. The VMWare PC is exclusively running their sw and I don't want to install CamStudio on that CPU to avoid any excuses about CPU overload when problems show up. Can anyone point me in the right direction?




  • It turns out that VMWare has a built-in screen capture and movie feature so my problem was solved right from the beginning.
  • Hey Floyd

    That's useful info, thanks for letting us know.


    Nick :o)
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