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Hey. Whenever I try to install the Camstudiocodec, it says I need to locate the file, "camcodec.dll." but I can't find it anywhere. Can somebody help me with it please? Thanks in advance!


  • theoneandonly09,

    It should be in the same folder as the .inf file. Did you unzip the entire contents of the zip into a folder?

  • edited July 2011

    Okay. I was able to install it but now it doesn't show up in the Video Options.
  • theoneandonly09,

    Try installing version 2.6b r294 and see if it appears then. I ran into a similar anomaly on my laptop.

  • tbritton,

    I re-installed the 2.6b r294 and re-installed the codec and it's still not showing up in the video options.
  • theoneandonly09,

    Well, that bug is mysterious, but believe me, you want to be using Xvid or Lagarith Lossless anyway - especially Xvid! Just keep your screen regions as even numbers (use the Fixed Region setting). 1280X720 even has an Xvid profile now.

    Here's my favorite version:

    Even if you have a 64-bit machine, you'll need the 32-bit binaries for CamStudio. If you have 64-bit, get the installer that installs both and you'll have your 64-bit players covered.

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