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Camstudio for Ableton Live Tutorials

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Hi there!

First, thousand thanks for this free excellent software :D
I've made some tests, tried to find help by myself on the www, and i can record with my internal sound card + Mic headset, resync with VirtualDub, and upload to Youtube are ok (very cool)

My problem is this:

-My internal soundcard gives "cyclone" effect (Gygabyte X58A-UD3R known problem), as you can hear on my Youtube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/user/Sawnsine?feature=mhee )
-So/And i need to use my external USB soundcard Tascam US-122MkII for Ableton Live tutorials, (no delay, and use of my real microphone).

For now, no success (tried many configurations, but in short, failed)
Is there a known way of doing this? I will also ask people who can achieve this on Youtube, but hope to find help here!
I'll give more details if needed

Thanks in advance.


  • See if you can access the USB sound card via the Stereo Mix input selection.

    Let me know what you find out!

  • I have the WaveOutSelect failure, and trying to record via microphone doesn't work...
    Have read and tried all the posts i could find on the www, it's like i have to try another software unfortunately.
    Thanks for your help :)
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    I'm very enthusiastic about your wanting to do Ableton tutorials, as I just got a Focusrite 2in2out that came with Ableton 8 Lite and have enjoyed the two tutorials by Paul Campbell https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulGeraldCampbell/videos

    As such, I ran into the same problem of getting the external sound card into the "loop" with Stereo Mix - I have found that if I set the "Listen" tab and direct it to the internal sound card's "Speakers" location, then Stereo Mix will pick it up. I've also done the reverse to monitor recordings of webinars, setting the Stereo Mix to be "listened to" by the Focusrite. See if that works for you.

    The "Record from Speakers" hasn't worked right since XP Service Pack 3, I believe. So, you're stuck having to do it with Stereo Mix via "Record from Microphone" to record internal sounds OR a nice USB audio interface to mix mic and system audio.

  • The additional problem i have is my internal soundcard i just can't use as i said previously, that's very complicated for my personnal case!
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    Yeah - what's up with your not being able to turn off that effect on the built-in sound card? There's no control panel just for the sound card that the manufacturer provides, like the RealTek cards do?

    Anyway - if you get some success, make a video of how you managed to get it to work! Or make me a vid showing your setup and I'll try to come up with something (via the 2-heads-may-be-better-than-one-sometimes theory...)

    Check out this video for ideas, too.


    I'll make a video showing my issues and solutions with the Focusrite.

  • What i call Cyclone is not a Card Fx, but annoying harmonics while playing basses, so i must only rely on my USB card!
    I'll come here again with a recorded tests video, as soon as i can (music is 0.001% of my time, thats why it took me a while since my first question);

    Again thanks! ^^
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