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Finally it worked, both sound and h264 lossless codec in windows 7...64 bit.....

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now I can capture all the lectures......
I work in IT enviroment.....many times we do Microsoft comunicator and desktop sharing to discuss, chat, show or you know for training of - or how we do the things.....like EMC stuffs, VMware stuffs and Netapp stuffs.....the challenge as you grow older is : you forget after 15 min what is being told....now, I can capture the whole sessions in 1280 resolution - of course hi def.....and see that whole thing in my spare time....I was working since last three days and it did not work....now, all of a sudden, I can see everything working.....FANTASTIC.....


  • can anybody help me how to set the permanent saving point for videos...? I want to change the saving location permanently :)
  • I'm using camstuidio 2.0
  • can anybody help me
    where in registry this saving thing is stored, so that I can change it
  • can anybody help me here ?
  • I tried in registry and camstudio.ini file also,,,,,,I could not find it
    I just want to change the default save location, like from c:\progamfiles86\camstudio to some ohter location permanently, so that when I start the application it goes there automatically, I don't have to type in again and again......Ask for Save As - can do it,,,,but as soon as recording is finished each time, I have to point to my network drive and tell the file name....I want to save the content automatically to new location with what ever the camstudio puts the file name - I think it does by data and time......can anybody help me........the other version 2.6 did not work in windows7 64 bit, the ffdshow lossless x264 does not work...on this version 2.0, it works perfect.......
  • Under Options | Program Options | Name of AVI File, if you set it to "Ask for Filename" it will remember where you placed it last time if you run the program as an administrator.

    If you set it to automatic file naming with a date and time stamp, it will save to your Camstudio 2.0 program file. It saves to the designated temporary files folder in this case if you use 2.6.

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