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Customer settings and screen annotations (version 2.6C r303)

When I'm using Screen Annotations layouts during recording,the next time I start camstudio it seems that my previous customer settings have been reset to their defaults !! Very annoying !!

I dont see any INI-files in the software directory like in version 2.6b .

In the registry I found some entries under :
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CamStudioOpenSource for Nick]
but execept for the ..\playplus\Recent File List] there are no references to file settings.

Under %HOMEPATH%\Application Data I found:

If I backup these files can I overwrite them after the problem occurs again ?

Are is this a bug ?



  • It may be a bug. If you run Camstudio as an administrator, does it retain the settings? Right-click on the Camstudio icon and select "Run as administrator" to try that. It may be a permissions problem.

    You can make copies of your good ini files and then just write-over them with the good copies, I believe. But if CamStudio is not being allowed to write to them due to a permissions issue, then you won't have working ini files in the first place.

  • Hi Terry,

    I always login as an administrator. So I dont think thats the cause.
  • Even though logged in as an admin, the system doesn't run all apps "as an admin" permissions-wise. So, try right-clicking the icon and selecting "Run as administrator" just to see if it helps any.

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