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Not Recording Audio or Video

edited February 2013 in Support
I have downloaded the Patched 2.7 and cant get it to record at all. I have tried several different codec's and audio settings.
Any help would be appreciated.


  • edited February 2013
    I just uploaded a review and short tutorial to YouTube. Let me know if I left anything out that you need answered.


  • didn't help I removed and reinstalled it worked once then nothing again. Every time I hit record it it acts like its about to start then nothing, no green text or when i click the stop button it doesn't try to save.
  • You didn't by any chance close the flashing window from the task bar, did you? That stays running as a process in the background unless you kill it from CTRL-ALT-DELETE or restart your machine.

    Here is a more complete tutorial, from downloading through making the right settings to hitting the record button.

    Let me know if I left anything out - I can add stuff through annotations or re-do the video at another time.


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    I just had it happen to me where it stopped working, but going through and re-entering settings from scratch, then closing the program and opening it again restored it to operation. I had confused it with settings from version 2.0 that I used to record the above videos, but re-entering settings repaired its borked ini files, it seems.

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