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Disappearing Application

edited February 2013 in Announcements
Well this is something that happened to me when i first installed version 2.7 of cam-studio. The Application loaded however upon minimizing it disappeared and refused to open even when using task manager. I was not able to actually re-open it and had to manually shut off the operation via task manager. This happens every time i minimize and i'm not sure whether it is just me, i have un and re-installed Cam-studio twice since i always forget to not minimize it and lose everything i was doing :p


  • It is hiding in the tray, down next to the clock.

    So, it is not just you!

    You can un-check the option to minimize during recording, of course, but now that you know where that little icon is hiding, you may get control over it now. Double-clicking the icon brings up the CamStudio application again, and right-clicking allows you to stop or pause it.

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