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Help (v2.7 r316 Xvid) 3d models flicker, example provided

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Hello thank you for taking the time to help :)

I have been trying to create a youtube series on an older game called Freespace 2 (available at GOG.com)

This is the best recording I have been able to make:

problem: flicker on 3d models, and hud display.

camstudio: v2.7r316
xvid: v1.3.2 (according to "add remove programs")

Following is a list of settings i have changed:
*Fixed region*
*fixed top left corner: (check)
*left:0 top:0 width:1024 height:768
*drag corners (unchecked)
Record audio from mic, checked (works fine using stereo mixer)
Record thread priority: Highest
Capture translucent windows: unchecked
hide cursor: checked
record to AVI
*Video Options*
*Xvid MPEG-4 Codec
*key frames: 200
*capture frame every: 40 ms
*Playback 25 fps
*auto adjust (unchecked)
*lock capture (checked)
*Xvid settings*
**profile youtube HD 720
**maximum quality slider set to 1 (leftmost)
**quality preset: Realtime
**B-Vop (checked)
**display encoding status (unchecked)

I have tried bvop off, record priority normal
Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


  • Well, you've tried all the things I suggested in my YouTube response already, except to try lowering the Set Keyframes Every setting to a lower setting, like 30 perhaps. Also, do keep Capture translucent windows checked - I believe that grabs the alpha channel if I'm not mistaken, which might be in use here.

    I still have my thinking cap on - that flickering is quite strange. I thought of the keyframes in case that portion of the video is being interlaced, and thus is intermittently not in the capture stream when CamStudio grabs the key frame.

  • edited March 2013
    Thank you Terry. Problem is still unresolved, but my CamStudio "kung fu" is getting better every day, thanks in part to your YouTube videos :)
  • That's good to hear, but I'd like this to be resolved, as we'll learn something about how this happens to other programs.

    Does a lossless codec, like CamStudio lossless, have this flickering?

    Also, have you tried setting the keyframes to 1 or 0 (if zero is possible) - I still suspect it is grabbing an interlaced overlay and missing (grabbing in-between the overlay's display) at some random-seeming intervals.

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