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audio out of sync after using Freemake to covert avi to swf for embedding in website

edited March 2013 in Support
Freemake converter is doing a nice job converting avi to swf, the video looks good and the audio sounds fine, but the audio is lagging behind the video, I'm estimating 8-10 seconds behind, for just a 5 minute video. Does anyone have a solution to get video and audio back in sync? Before posting this here, I just checked the avi file I imported into Freemake and the video/audio are in sync!


  • It may be from using the MP3 encoder (which likely is the open-source version). Try AAC instead - or even ADPCM, which I've had good luck with.

  • I entered ACC and ADPCM in google and the link results were, "OMG, what do I click on?" Any chance you have a Linky?
    Also is AAC or ADPCM the name of the conversion software? Or are these letters a file format?
    FWIW I made another swf file from an avi file using freemake, and the same thing happened, the audio was lagging behind the video by about 10-12 seconds, which makes the new swf file useless! The original avi file was in perfect sync.
  • Microsoft's ADPCM (or MS-ADPCM) is built into all Microsoft products since Windows 3.1, I believe! It was one of the first audio compression tools and still works fine. I sometimes have used it during capture - it is the only audio compressor that syncs well with video in CamStudio, though GSM 1.6 probably works well also (mono-only).

    One really easy thing to do is to upload to YouTube with the setting to "Private" so nobody sees your video, and then use the drop-down menu in the video manager to download the MP4 conversion that they make for you. They are very high quality conversions.

    I explain how ADPCM works in this article here, if you want to know more.

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