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Problem to find camstudio video and move them in another folder

I use camstudio for some years but i have some problem to find some videos.

When i save a video in the CamStudio Folder, i only can find this video with the camstudio player.. i can't move it in another folder. when I search the video with windows explorer I do not see it in the CamStudio folder.

I don't know how i can do to move this video.

i hope you can help me to move this video and save it in an external hard drive.


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    That is indeed odd. Why can the CamStudio player see it but not windows, I wonder?

    Could it have become a hidden file somehow?

    Either way - use Options/Program Options/Name of AVI file/Ask for Filename so you can place your future finished recordings wherever you like. (The "Directory for recording" option is for the location of the temp folder - I'd put that in your My Videos folder with a name designating it as "CamStudio Temp Files" or similar.

    See this video for how and why I set up a "Failsafe" folder inside the temp folder I create.

    Now, a search for *.avi including program and system folders might show this lost file's location - do you recall what it was named? Was it named for the timestamp? (A bunch of numbers designating the date and time it was recorded...)

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