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What do you want to see in the new Camstudio edition?



  • It would be good to have a feture that will allow you to
    zoom in on a part of the page if that is possible
  • Video Editor and better codec support.
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    remove the 2gb limit.. 30 min of video easily passes this, the program is virtually useless with it.. atleast for me..

    Higher frame rates.. anything lower then 30 sux.. just sux... sometimes to get good quality it is needed to record at a higher frame rate. to actually get 30fps..playback in many programs..

    more codecs.. some of these are just not useable.. motion blurs or is missed entirely in most of them..the compression makes for teribble playback.. even at highest settings..

    More control over the resulting file sizes.. and still maintain 30 fps.. A video editing plug-in or feature would greatly reduce un needed sizes.... 3gigs for less then 30min of video is just outragious... and that was 10 fps..ew...

    So far tho camstudio gives me the best qaulity and highest frame rates in games.. as long as i keep the compression on.. and keep it below 50.. like for xfire.. but the motion gets these silloettes around them.. so for fast paced games... with lots of things moving through the picture..or spinning around real quick will result in a video.. that is ruined..
  • I think pazsion above is dead right. The 2 or 4Gbyte size limit is a real problem with an otherwise excellent application. This appears to be one of the best peforming screen recorders about. I am trying to record a 1920x1200 screen as fast a possible and camstudio gets the best quality and the highest frame rates, but sadly the files are like 2Gybtes per 30 minutes and I need to get the application to record for about 2 hours reliably. I can live with the big files, but I cant live with the application stopping recording without my knowledge. Its like driving a car with a small fuel tank and no fuel guage.

    My thoughts are either somehow solve the file size limit or simply save and create a new file when the 2Gbyte size is reached. (Im quite happy with lots of files with a numerical suffix to them, just as long as I know I have my video - thats the important bit).
    I know other applications out there that will do this multiple file saving, but they dont run as fast. Camstudio is great.

    I note from a number of other discussions taken place in the past, that quite a few people have had this issue and not really found a work around. So I really think its a problem worth solving before adding on any sexier features........


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    Panning causes typing to happen outside the capture region, if the mouse pointer is not close the typing area. There's no guarantee that the mouse will be close to the typing.

    As a result, we can't use panning. We have to use full-screen capture to be sure nothing is missed.

    So we'd love to see "jump to active window", not just mouse panning.

    NCH's free "ScreenStream" has a really nice feature where it jumps to the active window at all times. (ScreenStream does not record, it's for screencasting).

  • I would like to see a zoom function like in TechSmith's screen recording products. This would be a really nice feature. :)
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    As a newbe, I'm frustrated over the "settings" and "codec's" and very conflicting "video tuts" available on the net. Perhaps some explanation about just what your "Defaults" are set for would be in order.

    It seems to me that "defaults" should be toward some "standard" set of programs and actions. Perhaps the free "camstudio" to record, the free "mediacoder" to encode, and the .flv format for uploading to something like the free blip.tv? (Most of the tut's I've seen indicate that camstudios "encoding" isn't the best for flv and recommend mediacoder - don't know why - but it seems to be what I've noticed as well; also have said that youTube is really bad - again what I've noticed [however there does seem to some isolated postings that are good - wish I understood why])
  • OK First off the 2GB limit is the fault of the old AVI Format. It is bound by the rules of the Fat16/32 File Systems. Ugh

    Second If you don't have good codecs on your system then you will not find them in your list.
    The Camstudio Codec is the one and only one made by the creator of this program. All others are the soul property of there respective owners (ie Divx, Intel)

    23.97 FPS is the most of all NTSC DVD's and BluRays You Can"t tell the difference between 24 and 30 nor 23.97 and 29.97. Anything higher is really out of the scope of a ASP software. The reason this program doesn't produce that many FPS is because the way it captures the video. It is being reviewed and worked on.

    Fourth. PCM Audio codec use it along side of the camstudio codec you should have no problems.
  • I would like to hear any news about new releases... its been mostly 2 years now... any one with some news please :)

    Offering testing *wink*! (already wrote via contact formular at the page)

    Im really into this now and would help with everything!
  • I have a use for video annotations (to give me a talking head) while recording my powerpoint lectures. Unfortunately, all I get is a black rectangle, no matter whether I use a webcam or a video capture device. I can resize them, choose which cam to use, nevertheless, I only get a black rectangle (or other shape if I specify oval, etc). The cameras work fine in other applications, so I doubt whether it is the devices or the drivers that are giving me grief. Sure would be a great feature if it worked :) Thanks, Alan

    PS: exactly the same thing happens whether I am using 2.0 or the new 2.5b1 on XP machine with SP3 and all MS updates
  • The text annotations are very cool, but I am unable to put them in, in real time.
    I would like to be able to add the annotations to an existing video.

    Also, although I am new to Cam Studio, a manual would be nice. I just added a new camera and am testing Cam Studio, and can't find where it stored my video. Basic, but it would be nice to be able to refer to a manual for this type of stuff.
  • Most of the problems I had were addressed the in the first post. I downloaded a copy of the source and I'm going to see if I can add some of the features myself. :)
  • How about a version that actually works? It can't record sound.
    Sound doesn't work with the Sound Blaster Audigy which is the most common sound card around.
  • I have a Sound Blaster Audigy myself and have no trouble recording sound with CamStudio.
  • is there a screen shot feature? can there be one? we really need one thanks
  • I want a better interface with better graphics. The old interface gets the job done but it leaves the impression that its made for windows me. :/
  • Taking the the risk of adding a topic that has already been discussed or is there but I failed to find it -
    I could use hotkeys to start and stop recordings!
    Another thing I would find very useful is a tool to cut up my recordings, where I can decide in what frame to place the cut.

    Thanks for asking!
  • You can use keyboard shortcuts already: F8 to start/pause recording, F9 to stop recording and save a video file, F10 to stop recording and discard the temporary file. Should you wish to use other keys, you can change these shortcuts by selecting Options --> Keyboard shortcuts.

    (Note: At least it is so in the 2.5 beta, I cannot remember how 2.0 was.)

    As for your other request, a simple editor like Virtualdub (http://virtualdub.org/) can perform basic cutting of video and save the video without recompressing, should you wish so.
  • Hi,
    Thank you for this software. Easy and simple to use.

    I use a dual-monitor set up and would love to see the ability to capture on the extended desktop and not just the primary monitor. Thank you.
  • Prismay,

    Dual monitor support has been added and will be available in the next release (not date yet). If you would like to experimet with the DEVELOPMENT release you can visit (http://www.bleeblap.com/CamStudio/weeklybuilds.php) and follow the instructions.

    Let me know how the dual-monitor features work for you. Its relatively new and I've only done testing on my machine. Thanks!
  • CamStudio addresses two functions: Capturing streamed media whose publishers have attempted to make them uncapturable, and capturing source materials for video tutorials. Broken "Record Audio from Speakers" looses half of your target users. You really need to get that back. Most of my ideas address capturing tutorial source materials.

    Most of the videos out on the Net are pretty lousy, mostly because they're direct recordings with no post-editing. I'm not suggesting adding a full editor, just more support for separate post-editing. Specifically, I'd like an option to simultaneously record 3 separate videos: the screen, the WebCam, and the mouse (location, highlight and clicks). The speaker audio would go with the screen, and the microphone with the webcam. Bringing those separately into a full video editor would let me weave together whichever parts I need, for example only including the mouse highlight part of the time, or switching back and forth between the screen and webcam.
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    Been messing with CamStudio the past few days and thought up some good ideas.

    * In the "Automatically Stop Recording" setting, have an option to have CamStudio stop recording once the file being recorded reaches 1.9 GiB in size and have this option enabled by default. This option would also need to send a pop-up message / sound alert to the user to let them know the recording stopped due to the AVI size limit being reached. Once CamStudio finished encoding \ muxing \ saving the AVI, have a second pop-up message with a "Yes \ No" input asking the user if they would like to start recording again. If they click yes, CamStudio starts recording using the same settings they were using before it stopped.

    * Have Auto Adjust enabled by default with a new second checkbox (also enabled by default) below the slider bar that would lock the video framerate settings to factors of 1000. Have a warning next to the second checkbox that by disabling it, the audio and video may become unsynchronized and another warning saying something like the lower the "capture frame every" value is, the greater the CPU and filesize requirements become.

    * Have a similar lock for the region settings that limits the height and width values to multiples of 4, with a drop down list to change to other multiple limits instead of 4 (eg: 2/8/16/32/etc). Have a toggle switch or check box to disable the lock, but have a warning next to the switch that lets the user know that some video codecs won't work properly with resolution settings that aren't multiples of 4 and many won't work if the values aren't at least a multiple of 2.

    * Add a keyboard shortcut option that would allow enabling / disabling autopan with some type of on-screen message/icon that let the user know if it had been enabled or disabled.

    The first 3 would likely take care of ~90% or more of the support requests.
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    I love camstudio but I have one improvement that I would like to see.

    I love the auto pan and how it functions except how choppy it follows the mouse. Is there any way that you can make it follow the mouse smoother?

    Another Idea related with the auto pan feature is if you could choose how close to the edge of the auto pan box for it to follow or something along that line. Also maybe the closer the mouse gets to the outside of the box, after the initial moving point chosen, the faster it would move that way the mouse doesn't go out of the box, if you were to move it faster than the box can move.
  • I'd love add video annotations using my laptop HP Pavilion dv6137ea.
    When I try I see the blue light and a totally black window without any image.
    Thanks. Dan
  • Maybe 8-bit color support (256 color palette) would be nice if it was possible, for recording things like old games such as Starcraft.
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    lossless FLV - you can forget about the SWF design then. Have not succeeded in getting ffmpeg or memcoder to generate lossless demo yet from a camstudio AVI.
  • I suppose it never hurts to ask, Mac support? CamStudio is one of the best and highly recommended screen recording options. Sure, I can use VirtualBox or Parallels and put 'em in Coherence, and run CamStudio in Windows, but I'm sure the performance would soar if it was of native code.

    And, if Mac support isn't an option, could I ask for some of the source code?

    Thank you for your time~
  • CamStudio is licensed under GPL, and the source code is available from SourceForge:
  • CamStudio is just great for recording training videos.

    I would only wish for just one more feature, which is to ALLOW DUBBING OVER.
    That is to say record the interactions in silence and then put voice over it later
    'perhaps by using another tool' .
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    There is a bug(?), I posted here: http://camstudio.org/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=331&page=1#Item_2
    (Topic: "CamStudio does not always record or capture the actual appearence or look of the cursor")

    For tutorials it's important to record and show the correct cursor-shape. Everything else in CamStudio works wonderful for me. The program is very nice! :-)
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