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What do you want to see in the new Camstudio edition?



  • I dont know if t is possible, but recording 2 souns (microfoon and pc (stereo-mix) souns in one video)
  • I would like to see an integration of mkv / h264.
    ASP codecs are getting way to old to handle the amounts of data that one would like to support.
  • Someone else mentioned using Cam Studio for recording tutorial videos which I've been doing myself for quite some time because I live in a region where I have a limited bandwidth and data transfer. So, it saves me re-downloading each tutorial. It does take up a lot of space so I put it on an external hard drive.

    However, I tried recording and copying some video tutorials from CJ (Commission Junction) yesterday and when I tried to play the avi files back they only showed a blank black screen. The Audio played fine but not the video????
    Anyone had similar happenings?
  • +1 for directshow output...
  • @DarKMasy

    Use the FFDshow Tryout codec:


    H.264 encoding support (amongst others)

    The only issue is the 2GB AVI 1.0 limit, which we're hoping to finally remove in the near future.



    The FAQ is your friend: http://camstudio.org/faq.htm (Specifically Video, Q2)


    Nick :o)
  • I would like to see a quick preview of what the screen will look like in window/region recording selections.
  • CamStudio working on win 7 - 64 bit natively with the lossless decoder including a practical installation instructions.
    I have been trying to get it operational with no success.
  • lambdaoe,

    I use CamStudio every day recording on win 7 64-bit, though not natively (and that dream is likely a loonnngggg way off!)

    It runs fine in 32-bit mode - try right-clicking the recorder icon and selecting "run as administrator" - some people have to do that.

    Also, be certain your regions are multiples of 2 for height and width pixel dimensions. If trying to use the "Window" region in r294, you'll have to reduce your "source" window by one pixel in both dimensions, because that version is adding a pixel to the measurements at the moment.

    Create a new post if you still have issues and I'll help you there - help is a little off-topic for this thread.

  • I recently started using Camstudio and have spent hours searching for a solution to recording audio from the speakers without any success. This is very basic and before anything, they need to get the issue of recording the audio. I am running windows vista ultimate on a sony vaio with a sigmatel high definition audio codec and have yet to be able to record the audio from the speakers. That is sad. How can you have a program like this with all these audio issues. Get the audio fixed first, then work on enhancements.
  • kaablueii,

    If you do not have Stereo Mix on your computer (and many laptops and Dell computers do not) then you won't be able to record from you system audio, let alone mix your microphone in with it. This is by design by the manufacturers who are joining forces with the RIAA in fighting against those who would thwart Digital Rights Management by using the Stereo Mix feature.

    If, on the other hand, you simply do not yet have your settings right, see the videos referenced at http://screencasttutorial.org on using Stereo Mix. There is one on XP and another on Vista/Win7.

    When manufacturers finally standardize their drivers, and all are given the same capabilities, CamStudio will then be universally capable for everyone. Until then, I'm afraid I have to pass the buck to the manufacturers imposing limits upon us (which we discover AFTER buying...) as it is out of the hands of software to work around if they have disabled the features entirely.

  • +1 on
    3. record window (or objects) even if it losses focus(read it gets covered or minimized).
  • One improvement I would love to see would be some editing features. I think a basic video editor that could trim the beginning/end, cut parts out, and add some effects such as zooming and dimming parts of the screen (like Camtasia) would be awesome. Obviously it might be a little much to include with free software, but even a basic built in editor would be better than what we have now.
  • @lhamil64

    You can download an industrial strength video editor for free here:

    (it will also be open sourced at some point in the future)

    It should be able to import AVIs from CamStudio.


    Nick :o)

  • Windows Movie Maker also edits CamStudio videos fine.
  • I agree with lhamil64 suggestions.
    At least, I intend that the player has a timer and that I can pause the video, go backward, forward to a specific time (either typed or with the trigger).
    I also need to put marks at several times of the video and then be able to jump to those marks.
    Thank you
  • to have power to record from speakers
  • 1x1x1x1,

    You may have that capability already. Do you have Stereo Mix on your machine? (Which operating system are you using?)
    See http://screencasttutorial.org/27/record-microphone-and-speakers-via-stereo-mix-into-camstudio-in-windows-7-with-gain-staging-395 for Windows 7 and somewhat Vista also, or http://screencasttutorial.org/15/set-sound-from-stereo-mix-what-u-hear-in-camstudio-2-5-26 for XP.

  • i use windows XP thanks:)
  • the ability to record multiple videos at once
  • bill,

    You can do that already by opening new instances of the program. Your processor will likely complain a bit, though.

  • thanks for the info
  • edited July 2011

    I should rectify an omission of detail, there - you can open multiple instances of v2.0 or of 2.0 with another instance of 2.6 running - you cannot run two of 2.6 at the same time.

  • Would be cool if it is compatible with Linux.
  • I would like the option to quicksave fixed regions, and then later recall them from a drop down menu before recording, so you can have a fast recall of often used windows/recording spaces :)
  • playingby,

    I second that. I've been using as a workaround for that the Sizer application with the "Window" region selector - just be aware that you have to set Sizer windows to one pixel smaller in width and height than the final result due to a bug that has turned out to be harder to fix than anticipated.

    Google for "Sizer" to find the application by BrianApps.

  • 1. Better graphics (simple)

    2. Fix the 2 gig filesize limit problem. (difficult) (perhaps you could have the video split into multiple files once they get too large???)

    3. Timer that can be set to record for a specified amount of time, like 10 hours or so. Should be like "Stop recording in 00:00:00." with whatever time in place of the zeros, like 02:30:27. (should be easy, as the beta has this feature, but only up to a very limited amount of time)

    4. Perhaps make the GUI a little easier to setup for beginners? I know at first I gave up on this program, only to come back later and figure it out. I now like it better that Camtasia!

    5. Record audio to something other than Wave would be good, like maybe mp3.

    6. Perhaps we could allow the framerate be able to go up to 1000x1x1000 format (1000 fps in sync) to be able to, perhaps, gain a faster framerate (I know I get a better framerate at 200fps setting than at 100fps setting, so a setting of 1000 fps might give it even more of an edge? Not sure.

    Besides that, I see nothing else I can't do in Virtual Dub Mod. Editor included? I think an editor would be superfluous to this project. Virtual Dub Mod is the best in its field for working with AVIs, so I can't see us making an editor that is much better. As for different formats, I prefer the AVI because it's easier to edit. Simply convert it to the other formats if you want it in the other formats. Or if you don't want to convert, you can easily enough mux it to an MP4 or MKV.
  • A simple one: allow to store uncompressed output of capture - ie. no compressor selected.
    This can be useful if, for any reason, the user wants to use another toolchain after the capture to encode the video+audio - it might be because of better codecs not being available in vfw format (eg vmw9 is available for free in ms expression encder 4), or because of problems in configuring camstudio, or code errors, etc...
  • Another one: allow simple setup and usage of 2-passs codecs. Both x264 and vp8 have 2pass modes, but the giu for setting their config only allows to run a single encoding pass at a time. It would be great to be able to set the config for both passes and have camstudio run them automatically one after another
  • Fix this annoying 2-GB-File-Bug! Please. [-O<
  • perves,

    We definitely have that as a priority for the next edition, believe me!

    Meanwhile, use Xvid and even in Quality of 1 (highest) at 720HD (one of the profiles in Jawor's Xvid), I get up to three hours of webinar recording WITH the "Use MCI to record" checked - so the audio takes up the most space!

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