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What do you want to see in the new Camstudio edition?



  • Thanks, i will try it!
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    I recently had occasion to use CamStudio for a short, hastily prepared, demo for a presentation at work. Being unfamiliar with CamStudio I was impressed with how little research etc. I needed to do in order to accomplish my task under a tight timeline. Kudos to the development team!

    One thing which would have made my experience even smoother: instructions for how to get the lossless codec working on x64 Win7. A few minutes of searching and reading revealed the exact solution here in the forums. Since the recipe is so short, it would be nice have in (and easy to add to) the codec readme. (See http://camstudio.org/forum/discussion/310/lossless-codec-not-showing-up/p1)

    Second suggestion: think about using Flattr (http://www.flattr.com) for accepting donations. I don't know what the receiver experience is like, but on the giving side it's very easy and low friction. It's become my favourite method to donate.
  • The relatively new 2.6c beta found in the "Next" folder at Sourceforge solves the problem of the missing codecs for you also. We've not had enough people test it to make it the recommended release yet, but it is what I use daily now.

    Good suggestion on the donations idea! We could use some financing so we could hire some pros to polish this item up a bit!

  • Well I'd like to see automatic settings for those things the makers know Camstudio is used for most often.Like for instance one for doing presentations, one for gaming video settings etc.That way you avoid alot of problems from people going in and changing things without knowing what they're doing (Like me ^_^
  • Heh... I concur absolutely, Ovan35!

  • As someone who uses CamStudio a LOT for gaming videos, I totally agree, Ovan35!
  • If I try to record while CamStudio is compressing, I get an error saying "CamStudio Recorder has encountered a problem and needs to close." and it immediately closes, which cancels the compression. I'd like to be able to record again, or at least be able to open more than one of the program.

    I set the View to Compact View but it is always set in Normal View when I open the program. I'd like to have it set to Compact View on opening.

    Every time I open CamStudio and record, it sets the default location to save the files in as the CamStudio folder. I'd like for it to automatically set to a user-specified folder to save in.

    When I'm finished recording something and write down the name of the file to save it as, it will automatically replace an existing file with the same name without alerting me that a file with this name already exists. I'd like for it to warn me if I'm overwriting a file.

    If possible, I'd like to be able to record fixed regions without having to worry about the dimensions being a multiple of 2, and to be able to record files over 2GB in size.
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    If you open CamStudio 2.6b or 2.6c first, you can then open 2.0 and have that available to pick up a recording - and yes, you can have both recording at the same time. I'd start with 2.0, then switch to 2.6 while 2.0 is compressing and saving, and then open a new 2.0 to pick up for a third run. That would be the limit, though, as you need to shut down 2.0 entirely for 2.6 to open up a fresh copy.

    See the 2012 video for the answer to many of your questions with solutions and workarounds.


  • I have a few...

    I'd like to see more options for the "flashing border"
    Specifically, I'd like to either be able to change the colors it flashes, or turn off flashing but still display the border itself

    I'd also like an option to not process the audio/video at conclusion of recording, perhaps allowing automatic stop and restart of capture when file sizes get too large. Maybe this would also allow somewhat larger files, since the failure happens during processing?

    Probably a bit more work, I'd like to see a "downsample" option similar to FRAPS, where you can capture a quarter resolution of what is actually displayed. Right now, I do this by turning my monitor resolution down.
  • It would be nice if there will be no errors in the new Camstudio.
  • razputin100,

    Heh... yeah, no kidding! :-)

    There is so much legacy code being worked around in there, that the ultimate solution is a complete re-write, but we have not got enough team members with adequate time on their hands to accomplish a task that large -- yet! Nick is trying to raise some money so we can hire some people to dedicate themselves to that task, but the funds are not forthcoming as of yet, though the fund is building up, so eventually this will happen.

    Volunteer programmers needed. That's pretty much always! ;-)

  • It would be much helpfull if the output file size is reduced and if the otiopns like .flv or .webM are added thats a great help. and include a feature that while recording Camstudio will disappear into system tray... so full screen recording will be good. thank you for your help
  • sarathbiochem,

    Both of those features already exist! (.flv and reduced to system tray). I feel the .flv implementation is horrible, though, and would use any-video-converter to make flash files and other versions as a post operation.

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    What I'd like:
    An easy way to capture 60 frames per second (with synced audio)
    EDIT: I often read about videos being 30 FPS even in high quality. Maybe that's already sufficient?

    And here's an idea on how to overcome the 2GB file size limit.
    I've checked on how FRAPS makes semi-infinite captures possible. On start it creates 2 files, both of which are ~4GB in size (the maximum AVI file size FRAPS can spit out). The first file is the actual recording and the second is just a dummy I guess. When the current session exceeds 4GB, it creates another dummy, starting to fill the first with information. It will keep on like that until the recording is finished, deleting the last dummy (as it's empty and thus no need for it).
    The videos then can be merged with a video editor. It won't even have any jumps or distortions, making the cut FRAPS made impossible to spot.

    I thought that's actually a nice workaround to the size limitation. Any hope CamStudio will be able to do something like that in the future?

    EDIT: For the case it might be helpful, I also found this:
  • As I have to use the pause function very often, a signal in the Win7 Taskbar for a paused video would be really helpful!
  • Are there any plans to be able to upload to youTube and other websites ?
  • @gravillep

    At the moment we're just adding simple functions and bugfixing but this is *definitely* on my functions wishlist and will be added as soon as we can.


    Nick :)
  • Support for disabled users & support for Jaws, Magick and screen readers or screen magnifiers!
  • Ah! Jonas! I see you got in!

    It does work with Zoomit - that's what I use: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897434.aspx

  • Have you looked at something like Kickstarter for funding to rewrite the code etc.?
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